Once upon a time, I was a bowling champ.

Oooo, I'm international now.

Oooo, I'm international now.

This is legit.This is legit.

So I was rummaging (ooo, I like that word and I haven’t used it for a while) through some old papers and work my parents had saved from when I was a little kid.

You may all remember that I have become one of the newest members of a league bowling team.  I may have mentioned here that I suck at bowling.  It’s true.

I’d like to share with you the data that supports my lack of bowling prowess.  Game 1 = a score of 76.  Game 2 = a score of 80.  Game 3 = (and I kid you not) a score of 48.  48!?!?  What am I, five years old?

Well, I think this might improve my morale knowing that in second grade I was the day camp bowling champ during World Adventure Week.

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