Happy Anniversary to me!….uh…I mean us!

This is real.
This is real.
This is fake.
This is fake.

So last year today Adam and I took the plunge and got hitched.  And we’re still here to tell the tale.

I drew the above drawing based on the above photo.  A few words….

  • I was trying to make us look a little creepy in the drawing, I didn’t think we had bad teeth and saggy eyes.
  • The photo date is completely wrong.  I don’t know why my cousin’s camera thought it was Christmas of 2008, but I suppose this picture is a gift……  ….. ….. …..pun intended.
  • Whenever I saw my cousin throughout that day, he kept talking about the “big chair” and I was so confused.  Then, I understood.  And it was magnificent.

So happy day to us, Adam.  Let’s go get steak.

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