I swear, we’re at a two cat limit in this family….probably.

That chipmunk was not a happy camper.
That chipmunk was not a happy camper.

Adam found this little teen-aged kitten cat loitering around the house recently.  And he started feeding him and leaving water.  And a little cat carrier with a towel.  And started checking in on him several times a day.  Whatever anyone tells you, Adam is a softy.  But I didn’t say it.

So this little guy is super cute and needs a home but it looks like he’s kind of made a home here for the time being.  But I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to take him in…mostly sure.   He’s kind of irresistible and purrs a lot and loves to be petted.  This is a hard one to say no to……

Anyway, he’s been playing with animals in the backyard.  Specifically a little chipmunk the other day.  Adam thought he was going to have to put that little chipmunk out of its misery, but it was just playing dead.

I made Adam distract our new kitty friend so the chipmunk could pull a getaway.

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