Fight, fight, fight!

When Smudge gets nervous (and he's easily made  anxious), he tends to act out by fighting.  Inevitably, Smudge will attack Duncan first, usually by biting him on the back of his legs.  Then they tussle, roll around a bit, and it ends with Duncan hitting Smudge on the head repeatedly while Smudge cowers. soon... Continue Reading →

Fluffeen (a.k.a. Fluffene)

I learned recently that there's a name for the super soft flab flap on my fat cats some kitties.  And it's called fluffeen/fluffene.  I couldn't decide how it should be spelled, though.  Your choice. Also, no update on the name decision yet.  We'll see.  I'll keep you posted (pun intended).

I think we made a mistake being Muggles trying to make Butterbeer.

When I was vising my cousin I thought it would be fun to be a delicious adult libation.  Obviously butterbeer was the first choice that popped into my head.  Harry Potter is awesome, butterbeer sounds magical and tastey, and what else would I want? After some careful researching, I found a bunch of great sounding... Continue Reading →

I swear, we’re at a two cat limit in this family….probably.

Adam found this little teen-aged kitten cat loitering around the house recently.  And he started feeding him and leaving water.  And a little cat carrier with a towel.  And started checking in on him several times a day.  Whatever anyone tells you, Adam is a softy.  But I didn't say it. So this little guy... Continue Reading →

This is ridiculous.  Duncan was sitting on the chair while we were eating, as usual, and Adam's brother Lee came up and put a piece of lettuce on his back.  Hahah, so weird.  Duncan didn't really care at first but once he found out that it was a lettuce saddle, I'll be he would have... Continue Reading →

Hello, blankie!

So I made the bed recently for the first time in a long time and put a delicious fleece blanket at the bottom for when I'm feeling chilly in the AC that Adam likes to turn to an ungodly cold temperature.  Adam fleecy blankets because he's always hot, but Smudgie LOOOOOOVES soft blankets.  As soon... Continue Reading →

In this corner we have Duncan the Destroyer and in this corner we have Smudge the Pesterer.

Duncan and Smudge have an illustrious history of cat fighting.  I'm pretty sure it's just play but it might be more, too.  All I know is that almost always Smudge instigates and suffers the ensuing consequences.  Smudge is know for the back leg surprise bite and cower move, while Duncan is famous for his repeated... Continue Reading →

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