Duncan says goodbye to friends.

Partings are such sweet sorrow.
Partings are such sweet sorrow.

So Duncan had to take a trip to the vet the other day for vomiting.  He never really ralphs excepts when he might have eaten too quickly so this was of some concern.  The vet thought it might be a hairball and that to keep an eye on things.

Well, the next day his hairball came out to play.  All was well and we were happy to see it gone.  Until today, about a week later, Duncan puked up another hairball.  Gross.  I hope this is over soon.

It’s kind of weird, though, since he’s a short-haired cat.  I suppose someone *coughcoughAdamcough* might not have been brushing him when he and the cats  moved back.  Then again, perhaps this is a while in the making and I shouldn’t blame him for it.  Either way, Duncan is a few ounces lighter and loving his new svelte body.  Me-ow.

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    1. Hhhaha, thanks! I went out and bought some as well as some hairball-prevention treats. Because who doesn’t love treats? Duncan is infatuated with both the gel and the treats. He’s a happy cat.


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