You’ll understand in 6 minutes

Aw, shucks, brother.
Aw, shucks, brother.

I’ve been a bit late today on the post because I had to draw this for…….OUR BIRTHDAY!!!!   I say our because I have a twin brother.  And yes, I am the older twin.  By 6 minutes.  But anyway that gives me older sibling authority, as a self-declared privilege.  I think it’s written somewhere, too.

Anyway, a thing I like to do sometimes is tell my brother things and say he’ll understand in 6 minutes when he’s old enough.  Ok, honestly I haven’t done that too much but sometimes I’ll pull that one out.  This cattoon represents that.   Plus, he actually got to eat his cake at the same time as me…I’m not that bossy.

Another funny story: my mom loves that scene in the movie City Slickers where Billy Crystal’s mom calls him in the  middle of the night at the time he was born to recant the tale of his birth.  I mean, my mom really loves it.  She threatens to do it to us every year (since I was born at 4:44 am and he was born at 4:50 am) but I don’t think she actually ever has.  But I have.  Muahahahah.  I called my brother last year and set my alarm to call this year but decided to just text him instead since I was too tired to talk. Hahha.  The message went like so….

Too tired to call but almost happy birthday too me.  …..then you!  Happy Birthday! 

It was a little early, as you can tell so I lost my discretion with my “o” usage.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to US!

P.S. If you’re interested in the video, here it is…

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