Sabrina is our new junior coach.

Alright, everyone!  Let's go!
Alright, everyone! Let's go!

I have gotten my mom into P90X this last month (and she’s just starting her second month, woo!).  It is definitely a hard workout and requires a coach.  When Adam and I did it, we had Duncan.  Here with my mom, we don’t have Duncan, but we DO have Sabrina.  But she’s not quite a full coach yet.  She’s a junior coach.

I say junior coach because she hasn’t quite gotten her full coaching skills yet.  Where Duncan would actively check our form, Sabrina just sits and stares at us from under the table.  She’s getting the gist of things but doesn’t quite know how to follow through…..but thanks, Sabrina for all your effort.

Oh, and those aren’t claws, that’s fur that sticks out from between her toes.

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  1. I don’t know why but this post made laugh extra hard. It might be your depiction of Sabrina and the craziness of her fur. Regardless, I love it!


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