This is the new craze among people “too old” for stuffed animals.

I'm not gonna lie....I sleep with a teddy bear.  There.  I said it.  And I'm proud.  It's not because I can't sleep without it and it's not because I need comfort, I just really like having somewhere for my arms to be. BUT. If you are too embarrassed to celebrate ol' Teddy Roosevelt yourself, you... Continue Reading →

Be careful repeating information you heard about someone back to the person in question, especially if they don’t know you.

So again on Halloween some more confusion and awkwardness in all the fun.  This time, my friend had moved out of town and let her friends know about the family buying her house.  So as we go up to her old house for treats, the guy and his wife come out holding an array of... Continue Reading →

Bagley would have opened a massage parlor if the bank would have given him a loan…but they wouldn’t…because he’s a cat.

So we all met Bagley this week and I think you'll agree he's a delightful little big character.  Adam's mom was telling me about him and we were reminiscing about how sweet he was, specifically how he loved to be pet and get love. He would always want to jump up on the couch when Adam's mom... Continue Reading →

Introducing Bagley!

Adam's parents had a cat named Bagley.  They rescued him when he was a little baby kitten and he pretty much never stopped growing from that day forward.  He was in the mid-30 pound range at his best.  Yikes, Bagley.  He didn't really overeat; he was just big-boned I think. Though Bahley literally had a... Continue Reading →

Anna Cat

So I was busy and forgot to post a drawing and am not close to I had to improvise.  My friends Sarah and Dave have a brand new baby girl Anna who is also secretly a cat.  Here she is.  We are hanging out.  Meow. Sorry this is so weird but that's all I've... Continue Reading →

Happy 4th of July!

I've been saving this since last year....that's super hard for me to do, so you should appreciate this, folks. Anyway, Adam might have had a little too much fun last year and may have ended up laying on our kitchen floor hiccuping like a cartoon drunk.  Hahah.

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