Duncan CANNOT be this hungry

How can he be that desperate?
How can he be that desperate?

Adam and I were defrosting some chicken on the counter and had the plate covered with foil.  Not more than a few minutes later, Adam was walking his way to the kitchen and nearly stepped on a frozen chicken breast.

Yes, you heard right, Duncan was “so hungry” that he had to jump on the counter, tear open the foil, and carry a frozen chicken breast to another room before deciding it was too much work for little return.

At least he isn’t dumb.

One thought on “Duncan CANNOT be this hungry

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  1. My cat, Juliet, is even dumber. She would’ve licked that chicken until it was defrosted and then ate it…she loves all people food and everything in our house is locked up because she is crazy!!! It never ceases to amaze me what cats will do when they really want something. I’m glad Duncan gives up a little easier than my cat.


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