Duncan is very untrustworthy.

Note: Never trust Duncan
Note: Never trust Duncan

As I am not currently living with the catos now for almost two months (that all changes next week!) I am only going on hear-say but I was told of a tale of Duncan that was not a big surprise.

Adam’s dad opened the window to enjoy the spring breeze, not realizing that there was no screen in the window.   After living with Duncan and knowing he can sniff out a protein drink from across the house and can move with the speed of the Roadrunner once he hears a door or food can being opened, I know not to trust him.  Adam’s dad, however, is just an innocent bystander in Duncan’s world and didn’t realize that this window situation might be a problem.

Duncan quickly found his way to the window and leaped out of it, both a joyful and probably terrifying experience for a fat indoor cat.  He was recovered promptly but poor Adam’s dad had to experience Duncan’s sneakiness first-hand to really know the power of it all.

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  1. Ha! Duncan the escape artist! Tom’s cat, Orangey, cleverly clawed a teeny hole in the screen of his window, just enough for him to squeeze out and no one noticed until we saw Orangey rolling in the grass outside and looking at us like we were missing out on the fun. When Tom brought Orangey inside and was sewing the screen, Orangey watched with the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen. We ruined his plan for freedom! All he wanted was a romp in the grass…


  2. YES!! Orangey would love to be in a cattoon haha we can add it to his list of accomplishments, right up there with his nobel prize, writing war and peace, and conquering the world. He is a special cat and has achieved a lot.


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