The creepiest “ice cream” truck I’ve ever seen.

Suuuuuuuuper creepy.
Suuuuuuuuper creepy.

Adam and I were getting delicious Chipotle one day and heard the melodious jingles of an ice cream truck as we were getting in the car.

Now I’ve never actually have gone to a an ice cream truck….mostly it’s because my parents told me that it was just a music truck so I never actually went to any.  All I thought was I was getting a traveling musical performance whenever a truck would go by.

So as I hear the carousel-type music pumping into the neighborhood, I look up to see this truck.  Again, I wasn’t really expecting to get any ice cream, as mentioned above, but I wanted to know where this lovely musical interlude was coming from.

AAnd then we saw it.  A maroon Mark something-or-other conversion van, converted into an ice cream truck, including a roughly sawed open hole in the side with wood framing it up real nice.

I felt like running.

I mean, I guess it could have just been an entrepreneur trying to make a buck in tough times, but my vote is on creepy guy trying to steal kids or something.  Yikes.


3 thoughts on “The creepiest “ice cream” truck I’ve ever seen.

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  1. I lived in Greenville, SC for 22 years and in an apt complex that regularly was visited by a menagerie of ice cream trucks, I began to notice an unusually large number of older than children in line and always leaving with no ice cream. Later, discovered that the ice cream man was peddling more than ice cream. Needless to say, that ice cream truck got lost in the crack.


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