So my cats are bullies.

I've raised monsters...
I've raised monsters...

Yes, you’ve heard it here.  I’d rather keep this one in the closet but for the sake of full disclosure here on notacrazycatlady, I must confess.

first, a little background:  Our cats are now moved in back in Cleveland with Adam while I am finishing up school here in NC.   Adam’s parents have a 19-year old cat who was a sassy thing in his day but who’s a little slower and probably blind and deaf now.

So in our efforts to acclimate them to each other, we’ve found out that our cats are bullies.  Specifically Smudge.  He’s been pretty awful and Duncan is his sometimes-backup.  This is how Smudge will corner poor old Schotze and Duncan will zoom around for back up from the other side.

I am an embarrassed cat mom.

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