The definition of bromance and overall ridiculousness

It's like being with a couple of 8th graders when they get together.
It's like being with a couple of 8th graders when they get together.

So I was hanging out with some friends this weekend and they asked to be draw as cattoons.  This is what they get.  We’ll call them Justin and Kris.

So Justin and Kris have been buddies since forever and they get kind of ridiculous…ok, seriously ridiculous, inappropriate, and offensive when they get together.  But anyway, they are both pretty crazy on their own.

For instance….

Justin paid an artist (aaaaand we’re not talking $50 bucks here) to paint his likeness in gladiator attire, standing over a conquered and killed white tiger.  Yes.  I shit you not.  It is at least 3 feet tall and hangs over his fireplace.  His partner (we’ll just call her Mora) is a saint and puts up with all his shenanigans.

In fact, we decided that Mora should be the subject of her own mural or painting in which she is depicted as a mermaid holding the world, while posed on a water-locked rock amidst splashing sea spray.  Pretty dramatic.  I actually drew her a sketch of what it should look like.  She taped it up on the wall, haha.

The portrait is seriously just the tip of the iceberg, including….

– more than expensive trips to Vegas

– a trip to Jamaica where they were looking to get massages, which ended up being an….um…..not massage parlor, if you catch my drift.  They tried to leave but were blocked by the nice gentleman in charge of the ladies.

– passing out after drinking and Justin inevitably spooning Kris…like I said.  Bromance.

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