Have a pest problem?

He's so humane.
He's so humane.

Adam is a really good critter getter.  Not only that but he is humane with it, too.  What a keeper.

Once we had a huge wasp hanging out by a window.  No way was this guy getting out the door – just too dumb and uncoordinated to make it to the open door 3 feet away.  So what does Adam do?  He devises this great plan where he squirted water on the wasp to decrease flight capacity and then popped it on a broom and put it outside for the wasp to dry out in the sun and go about its merry way.

Yay, Adam!

One thought on “Have a pest problem?

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  1. I call 555-BUGS a few times a week to rid the airlock (and sometimes my restroom) of wolf spiders & other large eight legged friends. Adam’s use of folders and cups to shoo and transport those buggers is amazing! I highly recommend using this service…he’s the best!


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