I am a fruit nut. No food pun intended.

Magic in a tiny orange package.
Magic in a tiny orange package.

I love fruit.

It completes my dining experience.  I really could eat it aaaaaaaaaaall the time if it was available to me.  Yes, I would be making more frequent trips to the restroom but I would be happy.

Recently I bought a bag of those cutie clementines and THEY. WERE. UNEQUIVOCALLY. THE. BEST. I’VE. EVER. EATEN.  Yes, I used caps because they were that good.

They were sweet with a bit of tangy-ness.  They had the perfect texture; not too hard and not to dried out pulpy.  But the combination of flavor and texture made these the best orange eating experiences of my life.  No lie.

Ahh, just thinking about those little suckers puts a smile on my face.  In my kitchen now?  Kiwis, more oranges, a few grapefruits, peaches, a cantelope, and watermelon (which is the LOVE of my fruit life).  I went on a bit of fruit buying binge this week.

Oh fruit….you complete me.

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