Cats + haircuts = beauty? Duncan’s ready for school pictures now.

But look beautiful!

But look beautiful!

When the weather started getting really hot last summer, Adam and I had a brilliant idea.  Let’s give the cats haircuts.  Now, I can already hear you saying, “But that’s not what you do for cats.”

You’d be wrong.

Our friend had a cat with long hair who got a “lion cut” in the summer and looked Fab.  U.  Lous.  Naturally, we thought we could do the same thing with poor Duncan and Smudge.

Surprisingly, Duncan actually liked getting the cut, with the clippers giving him a little cat massage.

I learned through this process a few things.

1. Duncan’s fur is WAY more thick that it lets on.

2. You shouldn’t give your cat an at home haircut.

I deleted the pictures off my phone from embarrassment, but damn it was funny.   Sorry Duncan for laughing at you but it’s grown back really nicely.

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  1. Poor Duncan! This brings back memories of so many purely awful school pictures.
    I love your blog! So glad the diabetes resolved itself. I gave shots to one of my furkids for almost 7 years, he passed at the old age of 19. Cantankerous old PussCat.

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