Libraries don’t like it when you keep their books.

This was not so fine...haha, get it?
This was not so fine...haha, get it?

Sooooooo, this one still stings.  If you remember from before, I really liked Siamese cats in middle school and wrote two research papers on them.  Much better than about angels and komodo dragons.

In eighth grade (maybe sixth grade….I can’t remember), I went to drop off some overdue library books about Siamese cats that I’d had for a while.  If you know me by now, you may have gotten the impression that I’m easily distracted a bit.  This crosses over into remembering to take care of business….especially if it is undesirable business like dealing with overdue books.

Eventually my dad and I went to the library to return the books and got the surprise of my entire library patronage.  A find of $70.  No. lie.  Who gets a seventy dollar fine?

They were nice enough to drop it to $20, which we were really relieved about.  But then I think about it being like $0.10 a day per book and $20 is still  super ridiculous.

I have never had a fine over a dollar since.

This cartoon also depicts my fashionable 13-year-old style of skateboard shoes, floor-length floral skirts, and horse t-shirts.  I was pretty awesome and even had a friend who copied my style.  We were awesome.  But I think the trend setting stopped with us.

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