Really, how could this not go well?

I think this is a fabulous idea.
I think this is a fabulous idea.

Not too long ago, I posted my plan for a cat stroller that I will someday use.  About a month ago, Adam and I went camping and it got me thinking.  What if the cats could come camping with us!?

This was a brilliant idea.

For hikes we would create some sort of meshed backpack thing so that the cats could come along for the ride.  See the sites.  Sniff the animals.  Perhaps panic and flail about.  But they’d be doing it their roots…in nature.

Needless to say, Adam didn’t think this was such a great idea…which is why he looks a little disgruntled in the cattoon.

Side note: We went camping at this lovely park near us, which is only like 20 minutes from our apartment and is additionally like 5 minutes from the airport.  We definitely weren’t roughing it but it was our first time camping.  We did get sleeping mat things (which, by the way, are not entirely cushy as once might first suspect after testing it out on a carpeted floor….but did keep us up off the cold ground) but our tent was a Walmart tent.  Yes, you heard right.  Scoff if you must but I’d rather spend only like 30 bucks on a tent and then find out we don’t like camping than go all out at first and have to blow the dust off of it for our garage sale.

Anyway, the tent did reasonably well…especially considering that there were severe thunderstorms that cruised through that night.  It made sleeping a bit on the difficult side.

The only problem we had was a tiny puddle from the zipper, which was a heck of a lot less than I was expecting.  Plus it didn’t rain until later that night so we got our fair share of toasty marshmallows and burnt hot dogs.  Yum!

Camping = success…with or without cats.

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  1. I had a siamese kitten who could escape ‘houdini like’ from our normal plastic cat carrier. After he’d done that several times I bought a canvas carrier for him so that there were no door hinges for him to break. The bag packaging said that there were several ways to carry the carrier (by rearranging the carry straps) including a backpack option! Sadly, I never tried it.


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