Disasterbetes2010: An amazing conclusion to the drama

It's amazing!
It's amazing!

Yes, you read correctly! It’s a plot twist!  Duncan is currently diabetes-free!   No, this wasn’t all a prank.  Here…I’ll explain.

So we had to send Duncan to get tested after about 2 weeks of our treatment and changing his food.  He had to go overnight at the vet’s so they could monitor him and see where his levels were.

We got to the vet’s office the next day and they told us….his sugar levels were back to normal, even when they took him off the insulin.


Apparently, this Lantus insulin has some rate of about 20% incidence of diabetes going into “remission” so to speak.  And guess who fell into that 20%….DUNCAN!  There can sometimes be a honeymoon period (just like with people who start insulin) and it might seem like the diabetes has gone away but it comes back.  Boo.  BUT….that wasn’t the case with Mr. D – or at least it hasn’t been for about a year.

The doctors thought it was just because of this insulin but I’m convinced that the food switch to wet food played a role, too.  This actually was the fastest our vet had seen a switch over to no diabetes.  Duncan’s a record holder now, too.

Here’s hoping to continued diabetes-free livin’ for Duncan (and us…having to wake up early on weekends was really annoying).

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