Disasterbetes2010: Duncan and Smudge become kings of the household

Fancy Feast and cat treats?  Diabetes is cool!
Fancy Feast and cat treats? Diabetes is cool!

After hearing about Duncan’s diagnosis with cat diabetes, it looked like we were going to have to tackle this thing.  I became a mini-expert in diabetes in cats and Adam and I had a whole routine figured out.

We had to feed them pretty much EXACTLY every 12 hours, giving D his shot of Lantus insulin after he ate.  We were awesome, in fact.  We had a notebook and recorded it all.  Like I said, pretty awesome.  But it sucked.  We had to make sure we were up on time, even on weekends, and couldn’t do anything in the evening  unless we could get home to feed los gatos.

Additionally, we had done some research and found that some experts believe dry cat food to be a cause for cat diabetes.  You see (science lesson alert!), cats are carnivores.  They get some nutrients from plants that are in their prey, but are not designed for out and out eating plants.  Most dry food has TONS of carbohydrates in it, because it’s cheap and binds the food, and this is a problem because cats aren’t designed to properly digest it all.   It leaves a ton of sugar left in their little bodies.  They can’t properly use it and blammo, diabetes.  Also, fat cats are more prone.  Looks like D had two strikes against him.

So, this lead us to go to a meat diet, specifically Fancy Feast since they have the most meaty, low-carb food that isn’t soooooooper expensive.  Don’t get me wrong; it isn’t cheap but it’s manageable.  We also had to give shots right after each meal, and each kitty got treats, even Smudge-o…so he wouldn’t feel jealous.

So, because of diabetes, Duncan (AND Smudge) got to eat Fancy Feast for every meal, were fed on a very consistent basis, and got snacks every time Duncan had to get a shot with a needle so small it was almost invisible.

We, on the other hand had to pay for more expensive food, change our life schedule, and pay for very expensive doctor visits pretty frequently.

About 2 weeks after this started and we got in a routine we had a vet appointment for a checkup…..

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