Disasterbetes2010: The plot thickens

Sooooooo gross.
Sooooooo gross.

Gross cat breath.  Check.  Duncan needs a dentist or just some malt toothpaste.

But what’s this?  Dandruff?  Now Duncan used to have a little dandruff here and there.  Nothing vomit-worthy but definitely there at times.

This time his dandruff was REALLY bad.  I even bought this dandruff spray stuff that you spray on his fur and the enzymes are supposed to eat up all the nasty dandruff.  Ew.  It worked, though.  For like a day.  Then his dandruff was worse than ever.

I was a little concerned but just grossed out more.

Tomorrow….part three of the saga!

P.S. Duncan wants everyone to know that he isn’t fat…that’s just a flap of skin.  Really.

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