Disasterbetes2010: The saga begins

Just a side note: cats don't like getting their teeth brushed.
Just a side note: cats don't like getting their teeth brushed.

Last year around this time, I can’t really recall when – that’s what happens when tragedy strikes sometimes, Duncan was getting weird.

This included getting awful cat breath.  His breath was so bad that we decided we needed to get him cat toothpaste.  And we did.  It was “malt flavored,” whatever that’s supposed to mean.  Like malt balls or malt liquor?  I didn’t taste it (maybe Adam did, I’ll have to ask him) so I can’t really present any valid evidence one way or the other.  All I can say is that I don’t think Duncan liked it.

The whole thing came with a little baby toothbrush or a little finger puppet thing that had nubbins on it – your choice.  Stick a stick in your cat’s mouth or your finger with a thin plastic-rubber tooth scrubber thing on it.  We first tried the finger outfit thing but he bit us.  Eh, what were we expecting?  Baby toothbrush it was.  It took two of us, one to hold and one to scrub, but we successfully malt-brushed his teeth.  Even those cute little teeny baby incisors in front.  Poor guy can’t eat carrots.

After successfully accomplishing this task once, we went about it daily for a while because we thought, sure this will fix the problem….

Day 2 of the saga begins tomorrow!  Stay tuned….

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