Oooo! What’s this?

Smudge is really kind of excitable.  I won't get into all the details, because he might get embarrassed (Adam, I think you know what I'm talking about) but I will share this. I read once that someone created the question mark based on curious cats and their tails.  While I really can't verify the veracity of this... Continue Reading →

A Merlin in the Bushes

I have another best friend who lives in the magical land of Florida.  Her name is Maryland.  Sorry...Marilyn.  (Sometimes people call her that...really?!) Sometimes people also call her her boyfriend Atul.  I love that he calls her that. Well, anyway my friend Marilyn/Merlin can be silly (she is my friend after all!  Fun story... Continue Reading →

Smudge’s future career path….spelunker.

If Smudge could choose a career, he might choose becoming spelunker.  Why?  Because he likes to burrow in blankets.  However, he is an elitist spelunker.  He will only burrow in Adam's blankets.  Whenever I lift my covers and attempt to coax him in lovingly, he gets a bit interested and excited, comes about an inch from... Continue Reading →

Libraries don’t like it when you keep their books.

Sooooooo, this one still stings.  If you remember from before, I really liked Siamese cats in middle school and wrote two research papers on them.  Much better than about angels and komodo dragons. In eighth grade (maybe sixth grade....I can't remember), I went to drop off some overdue library books about Siamese cats that I'd... Continue Reading →

Disasterbetes2010: Mo’ money, mo’ problems…minus the money part

After the bad breath and dandruff, we started noticing another trend in Duncan.  He was losing weight and looking faaaabulous....minus the bad breath, dandruff, and recent emergence of his ribs. I was trying to give a few options to describe his weight in this cattoon - if you want to be ironic and somewhat in... Continue Reading →

Better late than never…Who would have thought this was his favorite food?

So I was out of town this weekend and thought I wrote a post for today but apparently didn't.  So here it is! Duncan LOVES strawberries.  Whenever I eat them he is always there licking the leftover bits I don't eat.  Weirdo. This predilection for nomming on strawberries was taken to a new level when I brought some... Continue Reading →

So much confusion…

When we were home visiting Adam's family last spring there was a beetle epidemic.  Lee, Adam's brother, was getting irate and flustered with all the beetles and came downstairs to declare his displeasure with the creatures. This is what it would look like if there really were Beatles in his room instead of beetles, like we all... Continue Reading →

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