Who doesn’t love pseudoscience?

No caption necessary.
No caption necessary.

Adam told me about a professor he had once who told them that color affects people.  Yes, I agree.  Certain colors affect you when you see them (citation, please?).  But no, Adam swears that the guy said that the wavelengths of light from objects that bounce back at you, like from sheets or clothes, will affect you.

This, I have problems with.

No, it is entirely possible that Adam ended up enjoying a bit of an exaggeration in his story, as he has been known to do unintentionally; which I hope is the case.  Because that other  “scientific” idea just sounds plain crazy and I have never seen any evidence/research to support that.

Correct me if I’m wrong, people, but really.  I hate pseudoscience.

Like, what’s with those arm bands that “make you” more balanced?  Or those foot pads that “take out” toxins from your feet?

I mean, I’m all for well founded alternative medicine, but this is ridiculous and I can only hope I can someday create some idea that I can purport as science and end up swimming in a pool of money like Scrooge McDuck (awesome show, by the way).

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