Someday you WILL be seeing me like this. I guarantee it.

C'est chic, n'est pas?
C'est chic, n'est pas?

Let me start out by saying that this idea is NOT my own.  I swear.  I saw my neighbor walking down the street with his cat in one of these strollers.  AND. THEN. I. WANTED. ONE.

This idea will come to fruition for me and you will see us strolling someday.

It sounds a bit strange and crazy, I know, but I think it really might catch on.  Jk, it is crazy and totally won’t catch on but I seriously don’t care.

5 thoughts on “Someday you WILL be seeing me like this. I guarantee it.

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  1. It’s not crazy at all. It’s even been on national TV.

    My opinion? Great to get the kids out into the open-air, smells, etc. — Check out my friends’ LIFE WITH FOUR CATS blog; she wrote about doing this. Plus perhaps you can find the video clip — the vid was done in NYC.

    But, in addition, also, not to take away from the great-idea-ness at all, but, still, just so you get a fuller picture — cats need to get their feet on the ground. There was a (horrifying) study done to check this out, and it turns out that kitties deprived of feet-on-ground ended up blind. Strange and awful and sad for the poor kitties involved, but apparently true.


  2. Just one more clarification came to me after I sent: Just having their feet on the carriage-floor doesn’t qualify for “on the ground.” The study put the kitties in a merry-go-round-type thing, as I recall — and the damage happened.

    Again — NOT to say that riding around in carriages would damage cats who otherwise had a more natural, ground-connected life. This was an extreme thing (ghastly science) where the kitties were deliberately deprived of that basic sensory input.

    So overall, to me it sounds like the carriage idea is a good one.

    Even so, though, I myself am going for the leash-and-harness approach.


  3. Everyone’s comment area is working except mine and one other blogger I follow! Me OW! That irriates me.

    Anyway, if you come across someone having difficulty, wordpress is aware and fixing issue. Get word out, if people go into QUICK EDIT of their post, and they can select “allow comments” and it worked for me. The regular edit continues to to not allow comments on new posts.

    SO- I live in Southern Calfornia and we lived in Newport Beach for awhile, which is where all the extremely wealthy live. (We scraped by in an apartment for a bit) anyway, FASHION ISLAND (it’s a hoity-toity mall for the rich) they walk around with their dogs in regular baby strollers. You would fit right in with the kitties. They might frown on the “cage” aspect, but I don’t know how well a cat would stay in a child’s stroller.



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