Is this what it’s like?

Bah, humbug!
Bah, humbug!

Last year we went on vacation with some friends.  When we were on the plane, they got bumped up to first class because…well, I’m not so sure how these things work but Dave travels a lot and somehow gets ritzy privileges.

Anyway I decided to draw what I thought they were doing up there in first class while a baby screamed in my ear, a big dude pretty much slept on top of me, and my legs lost blood flow.

Ok, that last stuff was all made up.  I did indeed draw this cattoon, though.  That part was true.  What I suppose I’ll never know is if what I drew is true or not.

Confession: Ok, I DID get to go in first class once from Columbus to Detroit because they overbooked and I took a later flight.  It was seriously like 3 minutes long but I did get orange juice pretty quickly.

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