Because this pretty much just happened this morning when I was trying to sleep…

It's kind of creepy.
It's kind of creepy.

Smudge must have learned some passive aggressiveness from Duncan because he’s really stepped up his game lately.

Smudge has learned that if he’s annoying, he’ll get attention.  Mostly because Adam will say something like, “NO, Smudgey,” then proceed to pick him up and then give him love.  Now I’m not saying this is Adam’s fault (yes, I am) but whatever has transpired in the past is now coming back and making Smudge even more annoying and well-trained.

He will now just sit and look at us while he’s doing the super annoying act, whether it’s pawing at a plastic bag or crunchy piece of paper, or sitting on top of the Playstation 3.

It’s not the kind of look where he’s just doing a dumb old cat stare into space;  this has intention, people.  He knows EXACTLY what he’s doing.

So we just ignore him now and he stops.  He might have learned a new skill but he doesn’t have quite the persistence Duncan has.  Yet.

5 thoughts on “Because this pretty much just happened this morning when I was trying to sleep…

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  1. My cat acts out when she wants me to feed her. She does all the naughty things she KNOWS she’s not allowed to do, like running across the kitchen bench and clawing the furniture! It works!


  2. Walter is totally training us the same way. His favorite time (so far) is 2 in the morning. My mom bought him a dog toy (I know, right?) that talks to him when he rolls it around. Couple the annoying toys-that-make-the-noise with a hard wood floor and Walter’s awesome soccer skills and you have a very annoying cat at 2 in the morning!


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