For hilarity and inappropriateness I was hoping for a mistake to have been made.

At least someone was thinking at Old Navy about this one before production.

At least someone was thinking at Old Navy about this one before production.

I was cruising around Old Navy and stopped to check out the sale items in the baby section.  Some of my closest friends are having babies and it’s thrown me into a bit of a baby frenzy; there’s so much cute stuff out there!  So now when I am at the store, I usually check out the baby items to scope out any good deals.

As I was taking a gander at the dresses and shoes and such I came up to a bunch of onesies that were hanging up.  Each of the astrological signs was represented with a cute little image on the front and the name for that month.  Cool if you care about any of that junk, which I really don’t, but I took a look anyway.  Since I am a Cancer (My birthday is coming up this summer.  I expect presents…..ok, I don’t but I thought it would be funny to sound like a jerk.) I figured I should check out the onesie that I might have worn.  I skipped past Virgo, which said “Mommy’s little Virgo” on the tush; skipped past Pisces, with “Mommy’s little Pisces” on the tush…..and my brain. got. a. little. concerned.

Would they REALLY put “Mommy’s little Cancer” on the butt of a onesie?  I really hope they didn’t for obvious reasons, but I secretly hoped they did for hilarious reasons.

I find the onesie, giddy with excitement…..


it said……

Drink. Your. Ovaltine?!

Just kidding.  It said, “Mommy’s little baby.”  Good choice, Old Navy.  Well played.

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