I could have made a new friend, but instead I just got panicked.

Panic is always a good reaction.
Panic is always a good reaction.

I was on my way to work one day when I saw what I assumed might kill me.  As I quickly made my way back to the apartment I cried out to Adam to rescue me.  I just imagined that as I would have stepped over it, it would leap up and attach itself to my body using its sharp teeth.

Adam zipped into action, grabbing a pan and a spoon.  I became severely concerned imagining yet again the scenario in my head.  This time Adam was bashing in the head of some little critter.  Though I didn’t want rabies I also didn’t want the blood of some little rabid animal on my hands…or our stairs.

I chased Adam out to make sure he wasn’t turning into Rambo and it just ended up that he was clanging it as a scare tactic.  Ah….real effective.

As he was clang-clang-clanging away, the could-be-raccoon/squirrel/wombat turned out to be a cat!  It was cute, totally frightened, and just sat there.  The stair cat didn’t even move when accosted with a pan and spoon concert.

I would have loved to chat with the kitty but I was running late so I just gingerly stepped over it and went on my way.

A little later Adam felt bad and decided to see if it was ok.  Instead of the cat sprinting down the stairs like a scared cat would, it jumped down a flight of steps and then jumped from the second floor balcony to the ground.   Adam said he could hear it go “whump” as the air puffed out of her  Poor little gal.

Adam felt bad again and left food and water out for our new friend.  I don’t think she ever came back because she was too terrified or she died.  I hope not the latter.  Sorry to bum you all out.  *cue SNL Debbie Downer zoom-in*  Waaaah waaaaah.

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