Another reason my cat is a cross-species organism.


Rawr, part deux
Rawr, part deux

To be totally honest, I have no idea what Duncan did to inspire this cattoon, but I seem to recall something about learning about bears getting into food even if the food has been tied up in a tree.  I think of those wily bears opening all sorts of treats and it reminds of what Duncan does.  We really do have to put certain food up in the cupboard to avoid finding cookie remnants on the ground in the morning.

Earlier I explored Duncan’s bear-like qualities and I think this is just another piece of information that leads me further into knowing why my cat is such a weirdo.

4 thoughts on “Another reason my cat is a cross-species organism.

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  1. What an odd cat Duncan is! Our cats only eat cat food – nothing else. If it doesn’t come out of a packet with ‘cat food’ written on it, they don’t want it. Prawns, chicken, cookies, not interested. hmm, now maybe that’s a bit odd.


  2. Love it. I have the same problem. All food (people and animal’s) must be kept in a high-up wall cupboard. They have both learned how to open the doors of the floor level cupboards.


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