Awkward years are the best years.


Today, one of my best friends is having a baby shower for her very first baby!  In honor of this momentous occasion, I would like to reflect a bit on her past.

Sarah is a a beautiful woman now but we’ve all had our awkward middle school/high school years, and yes, Sarah did.

This is my interpretation of her as a middle schooler.   She told me how much she loved komodo dragons and angels.  That was enough right there to draw a picture of it.

Remember how I told you about how I wrote multiple papers on Siamese cats?  The second was only because I was going to do a paper on the Great Depression in eighth grade but it was too depressing (true story) so I chose to write about how Siamese cats make good pets.  Have I ever had one?  No.  But was I convinced of their pet-worthiness and of sharing that information with my teachers?  Yes.

Well, Sarah had to write a paper with a persuasive element, too.  She decided to write about angels being real.  I’d like to point out that this was a research-based paper; her teacher pointed this out, too.  Sarah’s teacher tried to convince her that this might not be the best decision for a research paper, but Sarah in her infinite (yet lovable) stubbornness said, “Nope.  I’m going to do it.  Someone else already did a paper like this, so I’ll be fine.”

Oh, Sarah.  Hahha.  Luckily for me as her friend, she has moved on to a wider variety of interests that I can share an interest in, too.  Sometimes.

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