Is this weird that this is one of my favorite memories?





Growing up there was a park near my house right on Lake Erie.  As gross as the lake can be, it also provided hours of fun and entertainment.

I would go with my friends and dig around in the sand, climb on the rocks, play on the playground, and schtuff.  One particular day my friends and I found a HUGE smelly dead fish washed up on the beach.  We decided we’d do the right thing and bury it in the sand.

Hey, I never said I always made smart information-based decisions (plus, I was like 10).  I felt pretty awesome once we got it buried, though.

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  1. Awesome! My brother and I enjoyed climbing the walnut trees behind our backyard as kids. One time we found a turtle scaling the dirt clods on his way to who knows where…best memories of childhood had nothing to do with expensive fancy vacations. Thx for that memory!

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