Best birthday party, EVER!


Champagne and caviar dreams.
Champagne and caviar dreams.


Last weekend Adam and I drove the hour or so to his cousins’ house for their beautiful daughter’s first birthday party.  She was cute and sweet, walking like a champ around the several elderly folk there.  No, they weren’t grandparents; just the friendly retirees from the neighborhood.

One guy left saying, “It’s too early for cocktails and too late for a nap, so it’s not a good time for me.”  Hahaha.  The party wasn’t all that wild I suppose, and most of the guests left after an hour, BUT…it was still the best party ever.

Namely, it was because Adam’s cousins recognized that this party needed a balance of baby and adult fun.  Yes, there was a fluffy party hat; yes, there was another baby there; yes, there was a cute cake in the shape of a one; and yes, there was champagne.

That’s right.  Champagne.  Best. Idea. For a baby’s party. Ever.

Bonus: because most of the guests went home for a nap there was champagne to spare for little old me.

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