There literally turning into monsters…


I barely got out alive.
I barely got out alive.

Any teacher can tell u (well at least 99%; where 0.5% really really love there kids and the other 0.5% are either oblivious or in denial) that as much as they like there kids, when it gets close to a break we ALL need one.  I would be lying if I said that I wouldnt be excited with a little time away from the kiddos, especially since their literally turning into monsters.

Ok, i suppose I really mean that in a figurative sense but when a break comes, they turn into totally different beasts.  Some of them r hard to recognize from there typical selves; its like they’re brains no longer function normally and they go crazy losing all sense of human-hood.  Welcome to the Twilight Zone where you’re sense of reality is completely confusing and sort of normal but not.  It’s a bit off-putting and usually annoying, especially since I am suffering the same problem simultaneously, haha.

So in honor of going on break, hear are my monsters.  But these cattoons are totally cuter (8th graders kind of lose that cuteness factor).


P.S. APRIL FOOLS! I included some of my least favorite grammar/spelling as a prank (coincidentally, many that my students apparently love).  Mwahahaha!

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  1. I don’t know if you’re a Friends fan, but I love the episode when Rachel and Ross get back together at the beach and then Rachel writes him the longest letter ever. Ross finally reads it and then freaks out at Rachel including the grammar lesson: Y-o-u apostrophe r-e means “you are” y-o-u-r means “your!”


  2. I’m so glad you posted this. Fits right in with the experience I’m having right now with my adored Bugs. Misery loves company! Thank goodness the wonderfulness outweighs it. Most of the time. Argh.


  3. Phew!!!! Glad you filled us in on your joke…I was getting my red pencil out and just itching to send you a corrected copy!!! You are a nut!


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