In honor of the Royal Wedding, a wedding related post. About me, not William and Kate. Sorry guys but you have enough web-related wedding content already.

For our wedding last September, Adam and I decided to take pictures before the ceremony so we could get a bunch in and worry more about the party after the ceremony instead of where to stand and who to look at. This meant that we spent a couple of hours with our awesome photographer and... Continue Reading →

Because this pretty much just happened this morning when I was trying to sleep…

Smudge must have learned some passive aggressiveness from Duncan because he's really stepped up his game lately. Smudge has learned that if he's annoying, he'll get attention.  Mostly because Adam will say something like, "NO, Smudgey," then proceed to pick him up and then give him love.  Now I'm not saying this is Adam's fault... Continue Reading →

Hear ye, hear ye! (Did you ever wonder how that was spelled? I didn’t until today, trying to figure out how to type it.)

I just came back from hanging out with my mom tonight, so I'll post something Mom related. My mom got a kitten when I was about 10 years old.  Well, maybe I was like 11 or 12.  Anyway, my mom got a kitten when my brother and I were in our formative middle school-ish years.... Continue Reading →

Duncan may be paving the way for a new Olympic Sport.

Duncan has started a delightful little hobby.  I love it.  He....pillow runs.  When Smudge gets nervous/anxious/startled/whathaveyou he likes to obsessively scratch the scratch post.  When Duncan get excited lately, he likes to pillow run. He sprints over to the couch, with big eyes, ears back, and prepares himself for an event that is mind-blowing and physically taxing.... Continue Reading →

Please keep your cats INDOORS, please. If not, you run the risk of this girl entering your life.

My dad told me about a little girl in his neighborhood who has gotten a reputation.  She's about ten and awkward, and you know how much I like awkward kids. Anyway, she has been known to cruise the neighborhood surveying the area for "lost" cats.  She then "rescues" them, which also includes asking everyone if they... Continue Reading →

If you like Sunny, you’ll understand the caption to this cattoon (although it is totally irrelevant).

    Why is it that once the sun sets, my cats go bonkers like they're auditioning for a G rated version of Cats Gone Wild? When I would like to play with them, they would rather loaf about (Duncan really is into crossing his front paws like that now, haha).  But as soon as... Continue Reading →

This was a one time show; I’m honored I got to witness it.

  Engaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage! Duncan was sitting really strangely one day with his feet widespread like a little linebacker.  He breathed in with vigor and then let it rip.  Ew.  Don't be gross.  He did a POWER MEOW.  I think it was vital that his feet were so far apart.  It really helped with intensifying the meow. He was really... Continue Reading →

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