Watch out for sharks – they’re unforgiving.


It could have been literally like this.
It could have been literally like this.

I got a new phone recently but it took me a while to decide if I should get one, where, etc.  See, I have a friend who works for a cell phone company and he warned me that certain stores are like a shark tank.  Now, I’m not into harassing salespeople but if I got a phone through them, Adam and I would be on a family plan which = savings!  But because of my friend’s warning, I completely avoided going there for a good few months.

I finally decided to stick with my company (which had unlimited internet use, anyway – BOOYA!) and got a super cool phone, as evidenced here and here.  Plus, the girl and dude who helped me were super nice, helpful, and not pushy at all.  My kind of place.

I wish I could continue this story as being a fairytale ending….but it’s not.  My phone has been acting up lately, so much so that I’ve had to factory reset my phone two times and it’s looking like a third is necessary.  The problem is different each time, and is debilitating to the function of the phone.  How am I supposed to waste time now?  So I’m a bit irritated, to say the least.

On top of it, Mr. iPhone here (a.k.a. Adam) keeps rubbing it in my face that his phone hasn’t had any problems.  And he does it ALL.  THE.  TIME.  I seriously want to rub it in his face that at least I’m not a jerk.

Anyway, my phone is cool and when it works properly is awesome, it just sucks now and quite possibly could continue sucking.  Although, at least I know it isn’t me because the Droid website has a bunch of other people complaining about the same problems, too…..wait.  That might be even worse of a problem if it’s so widespread.

Ugh.  I might be visiting the shark tank soon…….

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