El Tigre…cat of mystery. Seriously. He’s a mystery.



My friends Tom and Kelly have a cat they call El Tigre.  Technically it is Tom’s cat, which is why he has a name like El Tigre (Tom is a bit of a character, you see).  He is a bit literal at times, too, and El Tigre (Tigre for short) looks kind of like a tiger.  An alien tiger, I suppose.

I love El Tigre.  He is very sweet, loves getting pets, and likes to purr.  He does look a little odd compared to the typical cat, however.  I shall enumerate below.

1. He has crazy bug eyes.

2. His tongue is waaaaay abnormally long.

3. He has duck feet.

4. His massive underbite makes it so he can’t even close his mouth and his bottom fangs hang out in all their glory.

But his fur is like a silken dream and he’s nice….but this cattoon seriously isn’t all that far from how he looks.  Haha, oh El Tigre.  Te gusto.


Ok, I felt bad and decided to put a few pictures up to show that he really isn’t THAT alien like…just a little.

6 thoughts on “El Tigre…cat of mystery. Seriously. He’s a mystery.

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    1. I know! I was just as surprised when I found them deep in the recesses of “My PIctures” and thought I was making an exaggeration of all his features. Plus, those ARE pictures of when you lived with Tigre! Like I said…a mystery…


  1. Wow, what a bizarre looking cat. I laughed at your picture but though that surely you must be exaggerating…then I scrolled down to the photos…and wow!

    His name fits him so well. You can’t have a cat like him and then just name him fluffy or pooky – El Tigre is a great name.


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