Duncan must have gone to charm school.


He's refined.
He's refined.

Our apartment was getting really dry this winter so to alleviate becoming raisins we put a bowl of water in the room.  This is the cheap woman’s humidifier.  Well, the cats thought it was also their private drinking well and would frequent it often.

I found Duncan there one day using his little paw as a ladle instead of just slurping it up like  a normal cat.  It was rather humorous and I was proud to be the parent of a cat with manners…or at least manners in that particular circumstance because he rarely has them other times.

4 thoughts on “Duncan must have gone to charm school.

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  1. So cute! I wish my dog would go take a drink of water. Instead he makes these annoying mouth/tongue noises (like someone eating with their mouth open or just really noisey eater) and he does it right next to your body during the middle of the night…resulting in us kicking him out of bed and yelling “go drink some water” 🙂


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