Duncan is not only a cat…


True story.
True story.

I don’t really have too much to say about this except…..

1.  I’m wicked proud of that bear.  Ferocious, snarling, and all on the first try.  Just had to toot my horn there.  Doo dah dah doo! (that was me tooting my horn)

2. I seriously have no freaking clue how Duncan is so strong when he stands (aside from his internal bear, of course).    The ultimate worst is when I’m laying (lying?  Which is it, folks?) in bed and he stands right on a rib, collar-bone, or other sensitive spot and it’s like his internal bear is stilt walking on me.  I suppose I’d rather him be all into me than to simply eschew me, but love hurts.

3.  It really does hurt.  He’s strong, that guy.

3 thoughts on “Duncan is not only a cat…

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  1. I complain about this very same thing EVERY NIGHT… I have a small dog and he insists on licking our heads and faces as a night ritual, or he can’t settle down to go to sleep. He wants to stand on my rib cage/boobs to do this and every time I have to push him off…Ozo, you’re too heavy! Stop standing on me! It’s a Shi Tzhu, but a hefty one!

    I think it’s lying in bed. to “lay” something down is to place it or put it somewhere- like a book. You tell your pet to “lie” down…but if it’s “past tense” it would be the cat lay there for hours. I looked at my grammar book (that I kept from junior college) and I still don’t really get it 100%, but I used their example here.



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