Don’t do it, D!


He's so gonna regret this.
He’s so gonna regret this.

Duncan has the annoying habit of pawing at things.  Don’t get me wrong, it can be endearing as much as it is obnoxious, but it’s more obnoxious usually especially when he’s grabbing at my food.

I was infuriated at his antics and decided I had had enough.  It was time for a change and the time was then!  Things were going to be different one way or another.  This is the big moment, Duncan.  No more funny stuff.   So I made this cattoon.

Now, I’d never actually call up Rent-A-Lobster and do this to poor Duncan but it was fun imagining it for the ensuing ramifications, especially when I’m eating string cheese – to never be harassed again would be cool.  I suppose a pinched cat wouldn’t be very funny or fun, though.  But to never be harassed about food again…

But you know what?  He totally wouldn’t even care or remember afterward so it would all be for naught.  Rats.  I guess I have to pretend call back pretend Rent-A-Lobster and pretend stop my pretend plan.

You win today, cat.

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