Flashback drawing: Smudge loves squirrels!


Smudge + Squirrel = love?
Smudge + Squirrel = love?


Smudge goes nuts for squirrels (pun intended)!   When Adam lived in Denver, Smudge would run from room to room chasing squirrels when they taunted him with their squirrelyness at the windows.  He also had a standoff with a squirrel recently where the squirrel came in second place after the window.  If you never thought a squirrel was smart, think again.

I remember growing up and my friend Lynn and I would talk about how we were scared of squirrels when we would walk home from school.  Sure they’re cute, but they know how to intimidate.

One day I was walking home and decided it would be a fun idea to bark like a squirrel (? is that what they do?) at a squirrel.  Needless to say, it didn’t go well.  I can actually remember it very vividly in my head as I type this.  As I made my squirrely noise, it proceeded to gallup up the tree – yes, gallup – and climb to the branch directly above my head and bark back at me with enough ferocity that I ran the rest of the way home.  Good thing I was half a block from my house.

I never barked at a squirrel again.

2 thoughts on “Flashback drawing: Smudge loves squirrels!

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  1. Sadly, I have had prolonged conversations with squirrels. I’m pretty sure I was saying “banana square Empire States Building chipmunk.” But he seemed pretty excited that I was saying words at all.

    Obi loses to the glass on a daily basis. It is a bad thing when a squirrel is smarter than your cat – because the squirrels don’t even flinch when they see the inside cat charging the window. “Dude…glass.”


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