The moon is a special place for Adam and Smudge…

Adam and I were sitting on the couch with the cats, ’cause that’s what we do, and we were watching something about the moon.  The narrator said something about living on the moon or some other shiz.

Adam looked over at Smudge and said, “The moon?!  Who lives on the moon, Smudgey?  Not our moon.”  I interpreted this to be Smudge and Adam’s moon, because that’s the way Smudge would want it to be.

Smudge LOVES Adam.  Like, really LOVES him.  In a weird way Adam is his mom/brother/baby.  Smudge panics when Adam is gone from out-of-town and responds by spraying him when he gets back.  Sick, I know.  He likes to lick Adam’s head to clean him.  Often he’ll do this in the morning when Adam is still in bed.  I was actually jealous that Smudge didn’t try to clean me.  After all, I am his mom.  Actually he does sometimes lick my head now, but he kind of chokes on my long hair, haha.  I guess that’s why he doesn’t do it often.  Anyway, Smudge loves Adam and would like to live on the moon with him all to himself.

One thought on “The moon is a special place for Adam and Smudge…

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  1. My dog much prefers my husband and does this nightly ritual of licking our faces. He’d do our eyes and mouth if we let him and he loves the ears. I guess we all live in a dog world! (Ha!)

    Funny thing is, Ozo, knows just about when we’re going “night-night” and that’s when he hops on the bed. My dog chews on my hair too maybe that’s why he prefers my husbands bald head?

    If Ozo could, he’d go to the mood with Bill in a snap.


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