Evil twins always have goatees.


So evil, he has flies around his head.
So evil, he has flies around his head.

Even sweet little Duncan has his moments when he appears to have an evil twin.  We like to call him Dudan.   Actually, I think Adam just said it one day and it stuck.  Adam seems to think he told me a story about it but I don’t know…lemme go check.

…ok, I’m back.  I just conferred with Adam and he told me one day I asked him to tell me a story (I was sick or something, lay off me) and it went something like this…

Once upon a time there was a girl named…..*pause* Lu*pause*lee and her cat named *pause* Du*pause*dan.  Yeah, Lulee and Dudan…

That’s about all I remember but it led to the discovery that Duncan had an evil twin.  I think we stopped talking about it after I drew this, so it was a short-lived revelation.  But there remains a dark spot in my life with the lingering shadow of an evil cat twin.  He’s probably the guy that replaced Duncan in this creepy episode.  *shudder*

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