Do NOT feed the seagulls! You have been warned.


Crabs like to mock people.
Crabs like to mock people.

Adam told me a story once about a trip to the beach with his family that ended up being ridiculous.

Alright.  …  (me waiting for him to start) … (do I need to ask him to get the story goin?) …

(nope…here he goes)  We’re sittin’ on the beach, and there’s a heavy-set woman with her beach stuff.  Her husband goes off to get drinks or somethin’.  She’s eatin’ this stuff called Fiddle Faddle.  She throws a piece on the ground and so a seagull eats it.  All the sudden more seagulls come to eat it and they’re all squawin and stuff and she’s like (cue high-pitched warbly voice) “BAAAAHRGHGHGHGH!”

She’s like wavin’ her hand and she stops feedin’ ’em and chases them away.  Then her husband comes back…maybe he went for a run, I don’t know.  So he comes back and the seagulls have all left by this point.

And she goes (cue fast-talking high-pitched southern accent voice), “Oh my god, you’ll never believe what happened.  I was sittin’ here, eatin’ some Fiddle Faddle when all of a sudden the seagulls just started swaaaarmin‘!!!”


That’s really all I remember.  I thought it was really funny as a kid.

Spoken by Adam, scribed by me pretty much word for word, haha.  Good story.


Actually, not being sarcastic, any story with the word “Fiddle Faddle” will inevitably prove to be funny.

5 thoughts on “Do NOT feed the seagulls! You have been warned.

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  1. EEeeewwah!!!!, eating Fiddle Faddle on the beach?? This Cracker-Jack knock-off, albeit bigger boxed, covered with beach sand would send a sand crab screaming down his hole.


  2. Once, Jay and I were at this botanical garden, and we had brought pop-tarts as a snack (don’t ask, it was Jay’s idea). We sat down on a bench to eat them, and these free-roaming peacocks started to close in on us. So I’m starting to freak out a bit (wild animals scare me!) and I say, ‘Should I throw them a bit so they’ll go after it and go away from us?” and without waiting for an answer, I throw a piece, right as Jay says, “Noooo!!!” Well of course after gobbling up that piece, they run back to us, looking for more, so we were trapped on the bench with 3 or 4 of them in front of us. I forget how we got out of there, but we somehow outwitted them and ran in the other direction without looking back.

    Just thought you would enjoy this random story!


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