Introducing….the one, the only…..


ba dum tsccccchhhhh!
ba dum tsccccchhhhh!

This was from a day that it was all about Adam.  Adam, Adam, Adam…I feel like Jan Brady.  Seriously, though, he couldn’t stop talking about stuff like cars and junk.  Oh wait, that’s every day.  Hahah, I kid, I kid.  It was probably just his birthday or something.

Anyway, I made this because I was feeling bratty and left out and this is how I felt…like the lonely talk-show side kick who is just there to laugh at the host’s jokes and provide a casual transition song when needed.  No one really cares what you have to say and you have to smile and nod along for the camera, even if you don’t care what the host is saying.

Boo.  Hoo.  Waaaah.  That was me pouting and crying.

But I’m obviously over it now.  So I’ll stop and we can enjoy Adam as a cheesy talk show host.  😀

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