Duncan, won’t you ever learn?


Yum...until later.
Yum…until later.

Firstly, I just got a new phone (yay!), for which I will have a cattoon later…so we’ll keep this part brief.  Relevant information about this is that it’s really fun playing with applications (I kind of hate the word “apps” like I hate the word “hoodies” – I would rather say the whole thing.  Reason?  I don’t know.  Maybe it’s like hearing soccer moms say “bling bling.”) and so I got a sketchbook application.  This was my first attempt at using it and I think it turned out pretty well for a finger on a 4 inch screen.  Bonus is that now I’ve got another way to waste my time; since I am a proficient procrastinator, this will definitely fit well into my lifestyle.

So the inspiration for this is Duncan’s love of eating grass or grass-like plants.  Whenever we’ve let him roam outside (in his snazzy harness, mind you) or on the deck, he gravitated to those sproingy blades of planty-goodness like they’re on sale.  Except they’re free, but I think you get the picture.

The only problem is that usually this results in a puddle of grassy bits (not even really chewed up) mixed with vomit on the ground somewhere.  Every. Time.  You’d think he would learn by now that the instant pleasure of grass consumption inevitably leads to discomfort and vomit later.  Especially since I have to clean it up – or maybe that’s all a part of his plan.

4 thoughts on “Duncan, won’t you ever learn?

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  1. immediately noticed: “oooh, she added color!”

    agree about the abbreviated terms. I always feel silly saying “hoodies” That’s right up there with stupid sayings like “You’re da BOMB!” Pretty lame from anyone, but completely absurd said by those over 25. I would cringe whenever this was heard.

    “…since I am a proficient procrastinator, this will definitely fit well into my lifestyle…”

    the BEST PHRASE ever! I just might have to “borrow” that. (with kudos to you, of course.)

    In light of the above, you so need to become my new “BF”, oh all right…blogging friend! You made a most welcomed surprise visit the other day. (so excited) Come back, come back, I’d be so thrilled to have “the cat lady” subscribe and become part of my “ahhsome” blogging community! My readers would be in “awe” of your presence. (meaning, we’re easily entertained.)



  2. Maybe because Apple coined the term “apps” when they put out the iPhone. And that was annoying of them. Apps USED to mean appetizers. tsk.


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