Let’s just clear this up now, people. This post is about cuddling only. Nothing more.

Duncan is so creepy.
Duncan is so creepy.

Originally when I drew this, I made a caption mentioning something about canoodling.  Little did I know that the word canoodling meant more than I was intending.  So to avoid any inappropriate interpretations of what this cattoon might be about, I just cropped out the misleading caption, which is why this cattoon is such an irregular shape compared to normal.

Your daily fun fact: canoodling is not a word you would want to casually throw around because it apparently has some more adult connotations.  There.  Clarification for all.

So this was inspired while Adam and I were cuddling on the couch.  I happened to look over and Duncan was by the chair motionless, staring intently at us.  However, it was more than just a regular cat stare.  This was the kind of creepy stalker/murderer-in-a-movie stare.  The kind that calls upon some telepathic powers  to send a message directly from sender to recipient.  Like the minute right before the serial killer in the movie chases the victim through the house; they pause and know exactly what is about to ensue through that eye connection “conversation”.   You know what I’m talking about.

No questions asked, I knew what Duncan meant.  He was demanding it to be dinner time.  Generally, I would expect Duncan to inform us of any delay in feeding time but this time it was creepier than normal.  This wasn’t an in-your-face kind of request for food.  This was some sort of weird cold and calculating message being sent.

I did not like it…enough so that I promptly got up and fed him.

Gratefully, he never creeped me out again but I think that was a definite warning that he isn’t messing around anymore and we’ve got to step up our game if we don’t want things to get serious.


4 thoughts on “Let’s just clear this up now, people. This post is about cuddling only. Nothing more.

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  1. I so enjoy your drawings! I’ve subscribed to the blog.
    We have a dog, and he acts more like the kids than the kids do. He’s constantly under foot and give us bluging eye stares. He’s picked up my 7 year old son’s whine. “uuuuuuh” whenever he doesn’t like something…our dog does that now to let you know he’s not happy you’re the leaving the house without him.

    hey, stop in my neighborhood sometime


  2. I didn’t know that about canoodling. Definitely thought it was just synonymous with snuggling. It is for most people. We are all so misinformed.


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