If you’ve ever lived in an old house, you might know what I’m talking about…but for your sake I wish you didn’t.

  I wish I could make this stuff up. College.  Scratch that.  College housing. There's that's better.  This is a completely, and unfortunately, true story about Adam's first off-campus house at OSU.  I'd like to start with a mostly generalized statement that college landlords often times SUCK and take advantage of poor kids who have... Continue Reading →

Before you jump into action when hearing a screaming child, take a second to listen to what they’re screaming about…

  She really, really, really, wanted some cookies.   Adam and I were in Target shopping for groceries and whatnot.  We were just doing our thing zipping in and out of aisles when we heard this melancholic pathetic moan-cry coming from a little ways away. "Someone's sad," I cheerfully noted, thanking myself that it wasn't... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Grocerystoreland: She really likes fruit.

This is an adventure in Grocerystoreland where Adam overheard a sweet little girl super excited about fruit; ah, a woman after my own heart. The dialog is pretty much exact (Adam has an uncanny knack for remembering movie quotations, therefore he also excels at remembering conversations...but only that he wasn't a part of.  Whenever I... Continue Reading →

Let’s just clear this up now, people. This post is about cuddling only. Nothing more.

Originally when I drew this, I made a caption mentioning something about canoodling.  Little did I know that the word canoodling meant more than I was intending.  So to avoid any inappropriate interpretations of what this cattoon might be about, I just cropped out the misleading caption, which is why this cattoon is such an irregular shape... Continue Reading →

Ding! This story is weird, uncomfortable, and slightly unsettling. Best vacation ever!

This summer my friends I grew up with and I had the rare opportunity to take a vacation together.  Together with our partners we rented a house for a week in Fort Myers, Florida.  Actually, Adam had to work so I was flying solo.  Boo. In my stupidity, trying to be logical and fair, when... Continue Reading →

Warning: this post includes a weird morphed animal that may be upsetting for some readers.

  I'll have to find a picture of Duncan doing this, but he really does.  And when he does, I think he looks like he has duck feet.  It's pretty cute. Speaking of feet, this reminds me of a funny story from middle school. I started my cross-country career in 8th grade and did pretty... Continue Reading →

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