I’m writing this post from the future…


Oh, crap.  No I’m not, I meant to say that I’m writing this post for the future.  Less exciting, more true.

(WARNING…extreme ADD tendencies below, jumping all over the place to tie together some sort of incoherent theme – turn back now if you dislike how my brain operates)

So it’s actually Friday night and I just got off the phone with my friend Sarah, discussing what we were going to eat for dinner.  As I popped another Cadbury  Mini-Egg into my chomper, I told her how I’m postponing dinner now that I’ve eaten a bit.  P.S. – I did not buy $47 dollars worth of fresh and delicious chocolates (this was how it was described on Amazon, hahaha).  I did, however, get scammed into spending more than I wanted to on stupid candy at CVS; that place lures you in with it being all new and having the latest and greatest “As Seen on TV” end caps.  Then they grab you by the whatever-you-have and take your dolla dolla bills.

The reason I chose this drawing to post today is that I am now in Ohio (or will be by the time this is posted….writing in the future is weird…) for Adam’s mom’s birthday!   Woo!  Happy Birthday!!  It was a surprise (still is at this time…again, really weird) so I couldn’t post this yesterday (tomorrow) or else she may have been tipped off.  Surprises are so fun!

I assume that we had cake at this shindig to end all shindigs so I present this cupcake monster as modeled off of Adam’s extraordinary love of all things sweet, specifically, cake, cupcakes, gummy orange slices, dark chocolate, Milk-Duds, spiced gum drops, old-timey jelly beans (*gag*), etc.  I called him a cupcake monster when he was ravenously consuming cupcakes and not giving me attention.  I hope that I got/get to call Adam a cupcake monster yesterday/tomorrow.

I too have a sweet tooth.  I was really good for a while about focusing this adoration of treats on fruit, which I also love  and is probably much better than eating candy as a dinner substitute.  This has come to a bit of a screeching halt and a 180; I am turning into a candy monster!!  With all the sweets I do like, I don’t actually like cake that much.  I mean, if it’s there and not dry or has nasty frosting I’ll eat it.  I just won’t go looking for it.  However, my friend Lauren made a…get ready for it…funfetti cake with funfetti frosting!!!!  Who knew such a thing even existed!  I knew about the funfetti cake but to my joy I got to experience the moist (sorry if you hate that word…an oddly disproportionate amount of people do) and exciting combination of the two together.  It. Was. Magical.

With all this talk about sweets and a whole dedicated drawing, I’d totally be embarrassed if this birthday event turns out to be a no-cake event.

Did I mention that included in my favorite movies are Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Chocolate factory?   Yes, I have love for both, if you were wondering.  Also, I would love to live in that big room with candy everywhere.  It’s my secret fantasy dream goal.

Ok, enough rambling.  I think I need to go balance the sugar pulsing through my arteries with some real food now.

2 thoughts on “I’m writing this post from the future…

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  1. Candy. the Easter bunny stopped early at our house (because the kiddies weren’t present, as they always are) and so we had to hide the goods… except, now we know where the hidden stash is, and for some reason have been breaking into it nightly. (gasp!) At this rate, the poor eggs will be empty!

    My kids announced one year that they really don’t like cake. (and to my horror) first discovered this at a friends birthday party, where my son loudly announces “I don’t like cake, I want something else. What else do you have?” to the mom coordinating. Of course, after that point, both kids picked it up…and now, whenever we go to parties, I have to have “The talk” before entering the premises. I’m so happy those big cookie “cakes” exist. Thank you Nestle!

    I think you just inspired my next post! 🙂


    1. Hhhaha, this was excellent! First, stealing candy from your children – tsk tsk (but I wholeheartedly approve!), then hearing of kindred non-lovers of cake spirits who perhaps also lacking filters at times. Although, I’m an adult and should have learned better by now 🙂 I have a funny picture to post of a cookie cake I decorated…coming soon!


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