Flashback drawing: Smile, you’re on candid camera!

Just what I need - another photo of my posing like I always do.
Just what I need - another photo of me posing like I always do.

This cattoon was inspired by a wedding we went to with a photo booth.  It was so much fun that we decided to have one for our wedding this past September, as well.  A little pricier than having people just use their own dang cameras?  Perhaps.  Super cool and fun?  Yes!

Really, I think a photobooth can really bring out the best in people.  Except when it brings out the worst.  What is it with the semblance of privacy that entices people to behave in a bizarre and clearly private way?  However, these sometimes result in the best photos, which coincidentally can also be the most horrifying ones, too.

My words of advice and caution: have fun but don’t think that a silly little curtain is going to hide those photos as they pop out the side of the machine as it did when you were doing something weird in there.

P.S. I am waaaaaaaay to uptight about getting caught or breaking rules to have done anything that I would regret in a photobooth.  Just saying.  I don’t want it to be thought that I’m some sort of weird photobooth freak.

P.P.S. This just reminded me of the movie Amelia, which is a big time favorite of mine.  I’m gonna go watch that again.

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  1. We came across this at the Orange County Bloggers meet-up…they arranged some blogger thing and of course, someone was promoting the booth…and my hubby and I put on crazy glasses and basically made fools of ourselves…isn’t that the point? (Otherwise, you’re just pretty darn boring?) Well, that’s my view anyway! Be freaks. It’s one of the rare times it’s completely forgiveable and acceptable. We went to the Jack FM concert last summer (we go every year) and we totally act like fools for their free photo opp! (think ZZ top, and boa’s and afros) Every year, we have something to hang on the wall or refrigerator and our kids love it!


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